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Leonardo da Vinci: Opera Omnia

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Tiananmen Square's flag lowering ceremony

It's not everyday you get to see the national flag lowering ceremony (unless you stay nearby).  We took the opportunity to observe China flag lowering ceremony at Tiananmen Square. We couldn't make it for the raising flag ceremony. It was too early (need to be there by 4:30am during summer). Here are the three short videos of the ceremony.


With late screening date and a few cut scenes, I couldn't lament more. At least the movie get its screening slots in this country. The structure of the movie is quite different compared to Bohemian Rhapsody. It revolves the retelling of the upbringing and life of the singer (Elton John). With every major scene, a selected song is fitted appropriately. The choreography is good too. Definitely one of the must-watch movies this year, if you like music.


Been to Taiwan twice, now it's the third time, in conjunction with a learning workshop in National Chung Cheng University. Took the chance to go to Alishan with a friend (Dr Mike) during the weekend). At first, we settled the lodging through online booking. However, we were quite surprised that the forest train to Alishan has been sold out two weeks in advance. We only managed to buy the returning ticket instead. So we took the public transport from Chiayi Train Station, cost about NT$215 (discount when used reload card for payment).

After 2.5 hours of journey, we reached the national park transport hub. Proceeded to the entrance and paid admission fee of NT$150 (discounted rate when you used public transport). We checked in at the hotel, then proceeded with lunch at the nearby restaurant, which has been rated favourably in Google review. The afternoon session was spent by hiking through the main trail of the national park. The cypress forest is amazing, some of the trees are more…

Forbidden city - revisit

Since my last visit to Beijing 10 years ago, I guest there must have more changes to this city. But not for The Forbidden City. We visited The Forbidden City last month (it was my second visit though). Not much big change, except for the crowd. It was a cloudy day. Thus, most of the photos taken were uninteresting (aside from my deteriorating photography skill). This time, I managed to explore the northern part of the complex, including the hill beyond the exit point.

Photos taken with iPhone 6s

China Visa

At the current stage, any Malaysian who wishes to travel to China is required to obtain a traveling visa. Because the whole family will be traveling to China this month, the father had to apply visa for each member. There are two options that every Malaysian can choose from: self-apply at the China visa office or apply through travel agency with extra fee. For self-apply option, the visa processing fee will be RM100 per passport holder (for 3 working days processing). In Klang Valley, the China visa office is at Level 5 & 6, Hampshire Place, Jalan Mayang Sari, Kuala Lumpur. Visa application is at level 5. This is where you need to submit the filled form (downloadable from the website) with two passport photos (white background) and passport, with a copy of the info page as well. For children, a copy of birth certificate is required. Also required is copy of return air ticket or accommodation booking in China. You will be surprised to find that the whole process is very fast. When…

Cameron Highlands

To be honest, we haven't been to Cameron Highlands for over a decade. Since it was school holiday, we went up to that place for a one-night stay. To my disappointment, the towns there are no longer the same towns that I used to know. Too much development, giving you the sense of crowdedness. Nevertheless, a visit to BOH Tea Centre Sungei Palas was invigorating. Stayed in Kea Farm area was a good choice too. Of course, a visit to Cactus Point and strawberry centre are some must-do activities.

Photos were taken with iPhone 6s