Rogue One - a mixed feeling

Watched this movie last Saturday. It's a prequel to A New Hope. What I like about this movie is that it has continuation to Star Wars IV. So it's sort like a missing link to the big picture. It has a simple story - how the rebel retrieve the plan of the Death Star. There's not much character development here. Even though the focus is on Jynn Erso, I feel that the director could do more to expand the side of her story. The music score is not memorable. Probably due to shorter time frame to compose and arrange by new composer. I think John Williams could do better. On the downside, the producer had somehow "cheated' the fans - there're at least 12 scenes from the trailers which do not appear in the movie. They must have done a massive re-shooting. Well, if you didn't see the trailers, then the movie is not that bad. Even if you have seen it, if you take into the account of the story, it does serve a good plot. Again it is the good guy vs bad guy theme, where hope is ultimate driving force.