Circular train in Yangon

Somehow the experience of commuting by train reminds me of the circular train trip in Yangon two years ago. Back then, there was not many tourist places in town. So taking a local train could be a good idea to check out the activities of the locals. In fact, circular train is one of the must-do activities in Yangon. The journey took us about three hours. It started from downtown, travelled north to airport area and then came back to downtown, in a loop. There was bumpy ride in certain section. We got to see where the locals live as well. Overall, it was an eye-opening experience, although I got bored towards the end of the journey.

Inside the train

Food vendor selling fruits in the train

Some of the huts seen along the way

The train stopped in one of the stations which appeared to be a local market.

Back to train station
 Photos were taken with iPhone 4s.