Eye in the Sky

Not a new movie. It has been released for a while. Just got to watch it on HBO lately (was it HBO, or Fox Movie? Never mind which channel). Superb acting by Helen Mirren and Alan Rickman. And know that this is Alan's last movie before he passed away. You should've seen him in all the Harry Potter's movies. Back to this movie, besides the good acting, the plot and the development of the storyline are excellent. Gripping and intense. This is the warfare of the modern day where drone is used to surveil. Decision is made based on the image channelled via the drone or bug. Pretty interesting. When military people decides to take out the life of a group of terrorists (including the suicide bomber in this movie), protocol comes in. Every decision made has to be weighed for its consequences in terms of collateral damage, legal implications, diplomatic consequences and humanity. In the end, the ultimate purpose outweight the rest, where some distortion or improvisation acts are included.